We believe that selecting the right financial services firm is paramount to the financial success of any person or organization.

To be successful, you need to manage your time and prioritize your efforts, focusing on the things that you do best. And for most business owners, that does not include being an expert at accounting and bookkeeping.

That’s where we can help.

Our services can be tailored to your specific needs, covering as many or as few bookkeeping and accounting tasks as you wish.

We will design an accounting and bookkeeping program for you that will

  • Handle all your Tax Returns:
    We are up to date on the latest Federal Tax regulations, as well as the tax laws for all 50 states. Whether you file as an individual, a partnership or as a corporation or LLC, we can make sure your filings are accurate, complete and on time.
  • Assist with Tax Issues:
    Our tax experts will stand with you during any audits, and can help you to gain tax relief for past issues.
  • Payroll Services:
    We will make sure that your employees get paid on time, and that you are always in compliance with all applicable payroll related regulations.
  • Bookkeeping and Consulting Services:
    We will provide accurate, fast and confidential bookkeeping services that will keep your accounts up to date and your bills paid on time.
    We will also help you to design and implement an overall Accounting system that will best meet your business needs, and can help you set up an effective Accounts Receivable system that will enhance your business cash flow.
    We can even help you set up a corporation, LLC or other business entity.
  • Provide Additional Services:
    Our staff of professionals are available with a variety of services, including Notary Public, contract reviews, and evaluation of existing systems and procedures.

Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Accounting Services:

Bank Reconciliation:
This often downplayed function is actually the backbone of proper accounting procedures. It is where your books are compared with the records of the Banks that are handling your cash and credit transactions. Regular reconciliation helps you to find and deal with issues quickly, before reporting time limits have passed, and can protect you from fraud and theft.

We can help you to:

  • Effectively manage your cash flow and detect bank errors or improper charges, as well as errors in posting.
  • Discover misreported transactions, lost checks, unauthorized transfers and other issues.
  • Protect against embezzlement and other improper actions by employees, individuals or organizations that have access to your company funds.
  • Help you to keep a close eye on cash flow, capitalization levels, and other financial issues that can affect your profits.
  • Do business with confidence, knowing that the capital you see in your reports is really there when you need it.

Balance Sheet:

This is a comprehensive report of the assets and liabilities associated with your business, which can help you see get a handle on your current financial state of your business.

It is often used to:

  • Track and manage financial trends and seasonal cycles.
  • Analyze your asset to liability ratio and your debt profile.
  • Balance your tangible assets (cash, stock, equipment, etc.) against the intangible assets such as accounts receivable.
  • Manage your cash reserves and see when you need additional cash.
  • Determine the advisability of business expansion or, if needed, cutbacks.

Income Statement:

This is another fundamental financial document that gives you a top level look at your income and expenses. Without an accurate and up to date Income Statement, you cannot effectively run your business and make decisions. This document will allow you to:

  • See Profit, or Loss, for any period.
  • Highlight expenses that may be dragging down the bottom line, and income opportunities that can be maximized.
  • Detect changes in your operating environment affecting costs.

The Income Statement is also important when filing taxes, applying for loans and creating future budgets.

General Ledger:

Where the Balance Sheet and Income Statements provide an overview of your financial situation, the General Ledger provides the details. By examining any account, you can see what was bought, what was sold, what was spent, and what was lost. Where the other documents can highlight issues and opportunities, the General Ledger provides you with the specific information required for taking action.


We are committed to helping to keep your accounts up to date, reconcile errors, and make recommendations as to how to proceed with the information the reports provide.

If your current books are not up to the standards you would like, we will be there to help you organize and reconcile your records and make a clean start.


Taxes are a financial fact of life which cannot be avoided but can be managed. Our comprehensive tax services will:

  • Make sure that your payroll procedures and records are 100% accurate and are compliant with all federal, state and local regulations.
  • Help you to take advantage of any filing options, including electronic filing.
  • Help your employees to manage their tax liability through:
    • Adjusting their withholding and deductions to minimize their tax.
    • Lower taxes by investing in tax deferred and tax free retirement instruments.
  • Help your business to manage its tax liability through various means, including:
    • Spreading income over different calendar years to lower your annual tax rate.
    • The proper management of depreciation and valuation models.
    • Taking advantage of tax free and tax deferred investments.

We are here to help you to makes sure that you pay the taxes you are required to pay, but save as much in the process as you legally can.

We can help you save money on your taxes!

There are a number of legal and ethical strategies that can be used to reduce your overall tax burden that might apply to your circumstances, including:

  • Establishing tax free income streams as a part of your investment plan.
  • Investing portions of your company and personal income in tax deferred instruments and programs, reducing the amount of revenue that is eligible for taxation.
  • Structuring the purchase of personal use items, such as vehicles and vacation residences, to be partially or fully tax deductible.
  • Spreading income over multiple years, as well as multiple family members and other legal entities, to achieve more favorable income tax brackets overall.

We will help you to create a comprehensive tax management plan that will maximize the amount of personal and company income that you can retain each year. That is income you can use for financial growth and stability, helping to guarantee success and prosperity in the coming years.


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